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Adjust your privacy controls

For example, you can control how your signed-out search activity is used. Or you can manage your YouTube search and watch activity in this browser. Adjust your controls now

Cookie settings

Cookies are a vital piece of technology in your browser, allowing websites to make your Internet experience better. For example, when you set a default language on a website, cookies help the site remember your choice.

You can block some or all cookies, but this can cause certain features across the Web to stop working. For example, many websites require cookies to be turned on when you want to sign in.

See your browser's help resources to learn how to adjust your cookie settings.

Google Analytics

Website owners use data collected by Google Analytics to make their sites work better. However, you can opt out of this data collection by downloading and installing an add-on for your browser.

Download the browser add-on

Avoid seeing this reminder again

If you disable cookies in your browser or regularly clear your cookies, you'll continue seeing this privacy reminder because we can't know that you've already seen it. Another option is to sign in to your Google Account, in which case we'll know you've seen this reminder.